Dr. Hossain is in active practice approaching 20 years. He has attended the University of Toronto in the studies of Biochemistry and Chemistry, Mathematics and International Economics.

Dr. Hossain is a graduate of The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) and studied Anatomy under the well-known University of Toronto Anatomist, Dr. Duckworth.  Dr. Duckworth's passion was one of Dr. Hossain's many early inspirations in developing his passion for the anatomical sciences and continued studies in the healing arts and sciences and incorporating them into a modern scientific framework which is both practical and proven.

Currently, Dr. Hossain is an active member of the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA), Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) and the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO). Furthermore, he frequently attends workshops, seminars, and conferences to advance his knowledge of chiropractic medicine and keeps up to date with the current research.

He has had the privilege and honor of treating thousands of patients whom range from newborn babies to centenarians successfully.

He has been blessed to have helped many distinguished patients from many facets of life. These include Olympic swimming medalist, professional grapplers, local politicians, bus drivers, police officers, nurses, personal support workers, factory workers, medical doctors and their families as well as international / interprovincial patients.

Dr. Hossain has a passion for the spine.  He believes sincerely that a healthy spine is the way to regain and/or maintain health at an optimal level through spinal manipulative therapy (adjusting) and with daily breathing/ stretching and yoga.

It is Dr. Hossain's belief that an EDUCATED public makes for a HEALTHY COMMUNITY and ultimately a HEALTHY WORLD, one person and one spine at a time.


Sabreen Haroon B. Mgt. 

Operations Manager

Email: dr.spinalpain@gmail.com

Dr. Syed T Hossain D.C.

Chiropractor / founder of CRS Inc.

​Email: dr.spinalpain@gmail.com

Neeraj is a Registered Physiotherapist with the college of Physiotherapists in Ontario. She has completed her Bachelors in Physical Therapy and started her own practice in 2019. 

Neeraj has a clinical background in treating MVA (Motor Vehicle Injuries), WSIB and EHC ( Extended Health Coverage) patients with acute and chronic orthopedic conditions using Manual Therapy and Exercise Prescription.

In her practice, she stresses the importance of addressing the specific rehabilitative needs of each patient to achieve functional goals and injury prevention. 

Sabreen is a Business Management graduate from the University of Lethbridge.  With over 8 years of business administrative and managerial experience in the oil and gas, engineering and banking industry from Alberta and British Columbia.

She has demonstrated experience in running businesses, marketing, media, content creation, operations management, and customer service.  

Sabreen has been with CRS Inc. for nine years and has helped transform the company to embody and reflect what it truly represents which is healing and education.

She currently manages the clinic as well as the yoga studio classes for women and children with a focus on injury preventative stretches, flexibility and breathing techniques.

She has organized talks and videos with schools, religious organizations and local small and large scale companies to spread awareness about injury prevention, posture, chiropractic, the importance of stretching and healthy eating.  

Sabreen is an active member of the Downtown Brampton BIA and enjoys participating in local business promotional events and is passionate about health particularly in yoga, fitness and nutrition.

Neeraj Sharma BHSc.PT

Registered Physiotherapist

Nature Cure Physiotherapy & Rehab Clinic

Phone: 647-505-6646

Email: Naturecurephysio@gmail.com